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No obscene slogans found written on the toilet walls of Karnataka Assembly

11, Feb 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

Bangalore. In a highly surprising development, a team of investigators failed to spot even a single obscene slogan or sketch drawn on the walls of the toilets inside the Karnataka Assembly premises. The investigators were trying to solve the mystery of BJP MLAs watching porn clip during the assembly session when they encountered this shocking revelation. The incident could derail the investigations, experts fear.

“How come there is not even a single pervert to write some obscene messages or draw an X-rated doodle on the toilet walls as is widely done across the country?” wondered justice Sadaporn Gowda, who is leading the inquiry commission set up to investigate the porn scandal.

Toilet drawing
Investigations couldn’t find even such a rather non-obscene slogan and drawing

Gowda believes that in absence of such lewd and indecent slogans, which are commonly found in the public toilets and elevators of residential apartments and commercial offices, it could become very difficult for the commission to prove that some of the MLAs were indeed sick and pervert.

“We can’t pass judgments over them for what they were doing while the assembly was in session, so we decided to look for clues elsewhere,” Gowda explained, “We suspected that the three MLAs could be writing such slogans on the toilet walls, and we could prove their complicity in obscenity by matching handwritings.”

Experts believe that maybe the MLAs couldn’t write or draw any such messages because the toilets were too dirty and stinky to spend enough time there.

“Or maybe MLAs, cutting across party lines, were spending more time in the toilets than in the assembly, which meant no MLA could be present in the toilet all alone to start the drawing competition,” one of the investigators imagined the activities of the honorable lawmakers.

Sources suggest that the inquiry commission is now looking into the call records of the official phone numbers given to the elected representatives to ascertain which MLAs were frequently calling ISD numbers to have phone sex and make high-society friends.

“A lot of non-planned expenditure allotted in government budgets goes into such activities,” one of the investigators claimed.