With no one to poop on as most people inside their homes due to lockdown, pigeons experiencing anxiety and depression

06, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

While images of wild animals reclaiming their territory are doing rounds on the internet amidst lockdown, pigeons don’t seem to be too happy with lack people on the streets.

Lockdown has entered third week and as most people are confined to their homes and without no one to poop on , pigeons are under a lot of stress.

As per animal experts, pigeons are experiencing heightened levels of anxiety and depression due to lockdown.

At the famous kabootarkhana in Mumbai, several pigeons were seen anxiously waiting for at least one passerby so that they could unleash their poop on him.

A man who was at their receiving end of their attacks, spoke to our reporter and said, “I was just out to get some veggies when suddenly pigeon poop rained on me out of nowhere and before I could react they flew away. Now I am even scared to step out of my house. I wonder if this is all planned by the Govt to stop people from venturing out,” questioned a Mumbai resident.

Govt officials however refuted any such reports that they hired the pigeons to keep citizens indoors.

“We did not have any secret deal with pigeons. We prefer the old-school caning people to get them to stay at home,” remarked a Govt official under condition of anonymity.

Now Peta has stepped in support of these birds and asked people to step out for a few minutes to help pigeons deal with the stressful situation.

Govt has assured that they are looking into this matter. “At several places there are statues. And we will also place mannequins for the benefit of pigeons. They can poop their hearts out,” said the source.