Monday, 6th April, 2020


No red carpet for Trump if he comes to Mumbai, potholes will remain as they are and shabby footpaths won’t get a makeover: BMC assures citizens

21, Feb 2020 By @jurnoleast

Continuing with its love-hate relationship with the ruling BJP, Shiv Sena Chief Uddhav Thackeray criticized the Govt for going out of the way to please the US President.

trump pothole

While taking jibes at BJP he said, “From building walls to hide slums to sprucing up the Taj Mahal compound, this Govt is literally bending backwards for Trump. Do they also behave the same way when our PM visits US?”

Allaying fears of citizens that BMC may, in a huff, fix all potholes in case Trump decides a Mumbai stopover, Uddhav stated, “Nothing of that sort is going to happen. The potholes won’t be fixed and the shabby footpaths with broken paver blocks will remain as they are.”

Earlier there were reports that Trump may visit Mumbai and meet industry bigwigs and Bollywood personalities, which got the BMC in a tizzy. But it was later found out that it was just an unverified Whatsapp forward doing the rounds.

Aisa mazak kaun karta hai. Jaan hi nikal gayi meri. Ek toh lamba athavda jiska humne Goa plan 3 mahine pehle hi banaya tha. Uspe ye baatmi ki Trump bhau aane wale hai. Acha hua Uddhavji ne sab clear-cut kar diya,” said a BMC employee while speaking to our reporter.