There are no roads in Bihar, how can there be water-logging on the roads: Nitish Kumar shoots back at critics

01, Oct 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Patna: For the past few days, there have been rumors in social media of water-logging on the roads of Patna but now Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has come out and quashed all those rumours.


Mr. CM has called all these rumours a propaganda by his political opponents and questioned how can there be water-logging on the roads when he hasn’t constructed any road in the state.

Speaking to Faking News aboard his helicopter, Nitish Kumar said, “Every day there are hundreds of posts on social media that there is water on the roads, there is water on the roads, bhaiyya where are the roads? When there are no roads then how can there be water on the roads? These are all baseless rumours.”

Further, the Chief Minister added, “If there was any truth to the news of water-logging, don’t you think National media would have covered it? You switch on any channel and there won’t be any news of Patna. It is usual Hindu-Muslim thing which means everything is fine, as PM Modi also said in Houston.”

When asked about images of Sushil Modi being evacuated from his residence due to flooding, Nitish Kumar said, “Look, I respect right to privacy so I don’t want to see what is going on in any individual’s home, whether it is Sushil Modi or Narendra Modi.”

Meanwhile, a Noida based journalist was advising Biharis to link the floods to cows somehow to get more coverage of their plight on National news channels.