Monday, 6th April, 2020


With no sanitizers in Ramgarh, villagers follow Thakur's lead, cover their body in shawl to avoid handshake 

16, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

Fear has gripped the inhabitants of Ramgarh. And it is not about Gabbar and his men. Coronavirus has wrecked havoc in many parts of the country and Ramgarh is not exempt.

Although no one in the village has shown any visible signs of contracting the disease, there is concern among villagers. With no sanitizers in the village, most people are now following Thakur’s lead and have covered their arms in a shawl to avoid handshake.

“Villagers are taking every precaution to ensure that the disease doesn’t spread. It’s not just about handshake. For that even ‘namaste’ gesture would suffice. But we need to take precautions against touching our own bodies. So the villagers have covered their arms just like me,” said Thakur Baldev Singh while speaking to our reporter.

Gabbar too announced a truce and said that he wont be raiding the village for a few days and would prefer working from home.

Social distancing also took its toll on Veeru and Basanti. With the mandatory 3 feet distance in effect, Veeru found it hard to cuddle up to his lady love. Sources say that this time around, a frustrated Veeru might again climb the water tank and threaten suicide.