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With no vandalizing and arson in Maratha rally, Gujjar and Jat leaders upset with the falling standard of reservation protest

09, Aug 2017 By @jurnoleast

As the nation watched scenes of crowds gathered in Mumbai to put forth their demand for reservation for the Maratha community, Jat and Gujjar leaders were not particularly pleased with what they were watching.

A few leaders accused the Maratha rally organizers of bringing down the standard of reservation protest in the country. Speaking to Faking News one leader said, “First of all they call it ‘peace rally’. That’s already a bad start. How can something related to reservation ever be peaceful? Vehicles should burn, public property should be vandalized, tabhi hota hai asli protest.

“These Maratha people are marching like a disciplined troop. Some of them are even dressed like Shivaji Maharaj. Arre ye rally hai ya fancy dress. Istariya milega reservation,” he screamed.

Prominent Gujjar leaders couldn’t digest the fact that none of the three railway lines, Western Central and Harbor, were blocked during the rally.

Some are now worried that the Maratha rally will now affect their own demand for quota in jobs.

Sources say that a contingent of Jat and Gujjar leaders is planning to meet Maratha leaders to discuss more about the issue of reservation and ‘how to hold protests’ so that there is a uniformity across all reservation related rallies across the country.