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Noida man caught burning crops in his house; says wants office shutdown

13, Nov 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Air pollution in Delhi has worsened in the last few days. The US embassy website today showed the levels of the smallest and most harmful airborne pollutants reaching 676, about 27 times the World Health Organization’s safe maximum limit. Amidst all this, a resident of Noida was caught burning stubble in his house.

stubble burning

Deepak Kumar, a software engineer in an MNC in Gurgaon, has been arrested after he was caught burning stubble in his house. Speaking to media, the Police said that prima facie it appears Deepak did this to get a day off from office.

Reportedly, Deepak didn’t go to his hometown even during Diwali as his leave application was rejected by his boss. Deepak has been working even on weekends for the past six months.

Faking News reporter spoke to Deepak’s roommate Ashok. Ashok is a youtuber and stays in his room most of the time. Ashok said “I rarely see Deepak in the room. He comes from office very late and leaves early morning. He is really stressed with his work and the only thing he says to me is, ‘tera sahi hai.. din bhar room me pade raho.. bas me bhi naukri chhodne ki soch raha hun‘. For the past few days, he had been bringing stubble while coming back from office. I was shocked to see that he burned all the stubble yesterday evening and said, ‘ab dekhta hun kaise band nahi hota mera office.”

After the smog levels spiked in the National Capital Region (NCR), according to an official, the Gurgaon district administration directed that government and private schools be closed for a few days. No such directions were given for offices and that’s what must have motivated Deepak to burn stubble to increase the level of pollution in Delhi.

Deepak’s action is condemnable, there’s no question about it, but at the same time it also teaches us that we are also part of the problem. Deepak’s boss failed to understand his needs which led him to aggravating this problem rather than resolving it.