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Non-profit organization shuts down after it accidentally makes huge profits

23, Apr 2017 By sagarcasm

New Delhi: A 2 year-old non-profit organization called Prisoners’ Welfare Foundation (PWF) had to shut down after it accidentally made huge profits. The company sold handicraft products made by prisoners and used the money thus earned for the welfare of the prisoners. Office Closed Forever

The main aim of this organization was to avoid making profits besides looking after the welfare of the prisoners. During the financial year 2016-17, PWF made a profit of 73.5 lacs. With PWF making such huge profits, the organization saw no future for itself and the members decided to shut it down.

Speaking to Faking News, Anil Sharma, the president of PWF revealed the crisis that the organization was facing and why the organization had to be shut down. He said,  “This year we sold over 20,000 handicraft products and earned a lot of money from it. We wanted to donate all the money but, apparently there’s a limit to the amount of money you can donate to the prisoners. We didn’t know this earlier. We were left with a huge sum of money which we couldn’t show as profit in our account books because we are a non-profit organization.”

“But our problems didn’t end here. By seeing our good work, many people started donating money in our bank account. Now we had a lot of money and no idea what to do with it. Thus, we decided to call it quits” Anil said while wiping a tear “I don’t understand why God is giving all the problems to us?”

Liquor Baron Vijay Mallya has offered help to this drowning organization. Mallya has agreed to take all their excess money and use it to pay his lawyers in London. PWF is yet to make a final decision on the matter.