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Non Veg restaurant owners go bankrupt after back to back Shrawan, Shradh and Navratri

11, Oct 2016 By sagarcasm

New Delhi: Restaurants that serve non-vegetarian food across the country are now feeling empathetic with Vijay Mallya, as they are going bankrupt like Kingfisher Airlines. With consecutive religious periods like Shrawan, Shradh and Navratri, the demand for meat has fallen like the economy of Greece.

Another restaurant falls

Mr. Hansmukh Adani, the owner of a non-veg restaurant called ‘Richie-Rich’ has gone completely broke after Navratri. He spoke to a Faking news reporter on this issue. While wiping his tears, he said, “This is a very bad phase of my life. Nobody is ordering non-veg food for the last couple of months. Situation wasn’t so bad even during the bird flu days. It feels like every day is a Tuesday.”

To counter such situations Hansmukh Adani will ask people to accept atheism, so that they can consume meat whenever they like.

The Government of India has announced a compensation of Rs. 10,000 for each non-veg restaurant owner and their families.

People who seem to be making a lot of money these days, other than Falguni Pathak, are pure vegetarian restaurant owners. Mr. Rishabh Jain, who is the owner of a Jain restaurant, expressed his joy as he spoke to one of our reporters. “I am having the time of my life. Sales are exploding like Samsung phones and my bank balance is rising as if it has been given Viagra. I am so happy that I will celebrate this occasion by eating chicken tonight”, said Mr. Jain.

With such low consumption of non-vegetarian food during the past two months, the population of chickens has gone through the roof. Streets that were populated with stray dogs alone, have been overrun by stray chickens these days.

Meanwhile, the celebration of restaurant owners at the end of Navratri was cut short when they realised that dussehra is also on a Tuesday