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Not enough representation of the poor among billionaires

19, Jun 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. After years of research and analysis, an NGO has discovered that the poor people of the world didn’t have proportional representation among the billionaires of the world. This shocking fact came to light when Equal Opportunity Worldwide (EOW) conducted a survey in 78 countries of the world and was surprised to find out that not a single person among the billionaires in the respective societies was a poor person.

“We were appalled, almost outraged to realize this. Almost 25% of the world population is poor, but just go through the list of any billionaires, and you won’t find a single poor person over there! Take for example any Forbes list from the last ten years, and I bet you can’t find a single poor guy getting a mention there; there is no representation whatsoever of these unfortunately people.” EOW India head Manav Mehta said.

Slumdog Millionaire
India’s poor are well represented outside India, but don’t get enough representation back home

Mr. Mehta further informed that the situation in India was worse, with the poor finding no voice and representation among the billionaires even though more than 40% of the country’s population fell below the international poverty line.

“One can’t help but suspect a conspiracy to keep the poor out of a group that is powerful and makes the policies of our country.” Manav said with an apparent concern in his tone, further arguing that the poor were badly represented even among the other powerful groups.

“Take a look at the list of politicians, journalists or lawyers, all of whom shape the policies of this country. You would be shocked to find that there are almost no poor people among them.” Manav said, adding, “What is funny is that while we demand caste-based census to formulate policies to help the castes underrepresented in such groups, we have done nothing to help the poor, relevant data for which was always available.”

EOW has demanded that the government should declare reservation for the poor among the billionaires to solve this problem of underrepresentation.

“Institutes like Forbes should be forced to include at least 27% poor people among their lists naming the richest people.” Manav demanded in a press conference attended only by Faking News reporter.