Not faking my ill-health like Kim Jong to expose traitors: Amit Shah clarifies on his absence from social media

12, May 2020 By yogy

Amit Shah today shared a post on social media to dispel rumors about his ill-health. The Union Minister said that he was not faking ill-health like the North Korean leader to expose traitors.


Shah has been missing in action for quite some time, and speculation were hot that he was not doing well health wise. One news channel even came out with a report that Shah was deliberately faking ill-health to find out weed our backstabbers, turncoats and those who could be a potential threat.

“The prospect of having a viper in one’s bosom is not long shot. After all this is politics and this is how it works. There is every possibility that Shah may have taken the Kim Jong’s lead to find out who are the power hungry backstabbers,” a news reporter said.

In a exclusive chat with Faking News, the Home Minister said, “Jin logon ne yeh raita failaya hai, unke saare details mere paas hai. Aakhir Home Minister hu iss desh ka. Lekin mere mann mein koi durbhavna nahi hai. Sach toh yeh hai ki mai bhi ‘work from home’ kar raha tha. Jo army ko safalta prapt hui hai usse aapko pata hi chala hoga. Isliye jyada social media pe active nahi hu kuch din se.”

Though Amit Shah may have clarified on his absence, Kim Jong’s ‘fake death’ stunt is catching on with other world leaders

White House Insiders say that there was momentary panic in the Trump family as the President faked being unconscious just to check Melania’s reaction. “A livid Melania did not appreciate the juvenile attempt one bit and whacked Donald with her platform shoes. Dr. Fauci attended the President for some superficial bruises. The President otherwise is doing good,” revealed the insider.