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Not finding any old clothes in his closet, youngster buys old clothes at double the price of new ones to wear during Holi

01, Mar 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

It’s Holi hai time, but before that let us prepare you for the most-awaited colorful festival of India. Most of the festivals in India come with the precondition of wearing new clothes, but Holi is different. People try to find the oldest of clothes from their closets to wear and play with colors joyfully. Older the cloth, more fun it is to play Holi. Mothers spend days and days to find the clothes from old stocks which would fit their children. But with more and more people disposing of old clothes, it is hard to find them during the time of need, i.e Holi time. And a youngster in Mumbai had to pay twice the amount he usually spends on new clothes to buy some old clothes to wear on Holi.


We are talking about Sanil Jain from nallasopara. Sanil is a Holi enthusiast and has been playing with colors on every Holi since last 25 years. But he faced a major problem this year when he didn’t find any old clothes in his wardrobe. He even asked his neighbors to lend some old clothes to him but none came to rescue. Finally, he had to put an Ad on Facebook to get old clothes from people who have it. Luckily he found many givers on the social media site. One of them offered to sell his old clothes to Sanil at almost the price equal to any new garment. But he found people having more older clothes. The equation is simple. Older the clothes more are the price. He settled finally by paying double the price of a new T-Shirt and Jeans. The happiness on his face was divine.

Though time is less, this is a big startup idea for aspiring entrepreneurs. Helping people get old clothes from people in their nearby area at a premium price!