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I am not hiding, just taking some tips from Robert Vadra on how to deal with ED: Chidambaram responds to lookout notice

21, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

Congress leader P Chidambaram has responded to allegations about him hiding from officials after a lookout notice was issued against the ex-Finance Minister. There were speculations that P Chidambaram was hiding at some undisclosed location after he failed to get reprieve from the apex court.

P Chidambaram

Speaking exclusively to Faking News he said, “Let me put this on record that I am not hiding. I arrived early this morning at Robert Vadra’s residence and since then we having been having a discussion. Robert is giving me tips on how to deal with the ED. He (Robert) has spent a lot of time with the officials. His inputs will be valuable.”

Sources say that Robert has suggested that P Chidambaram undergo a makeover to impress ED officials. “Robert has been facing countless investigating officials since Congress has been out of power. It is no surprise that he manages to impress officials with his personality. I think many of the senior leaders could learn from him,” revealed a Congress worker.

The source also hinted at PC hitting the gym any time soon and arriving at the ED office dressed in smart suit and riding a Harley.

Insiders also say that Robert might start a crash course for Congress leaders to share his valuable insights on How to Deal with Investigating authorities.

“After Chidambaram, there could be many more leaders who could do with a few tips from Robert. Sabka Phat ke Flower ho gaya hai. Nobody wants to go to jail,” said an insider.