Monday, 6th April, 2020


We are not worried about COVID-19, as it cannot cross Teen Hath Naka junction - BMC

05, Mar 2020 By RT

Mumbai. Bruhun Mumbai Muncipal corporation today proudly declared that, the metropolitan is not worried about COVID-19 breaking into the city. “For several years, the city of Mumbai had topped the list of most congested cities in the world. COVID-19 cannot break free in our city. It will get stopped right at the junction of Teen Hath Naka”, a BMC personnel told Faking News.


“What is this virus? We have seen different kinds of viruses, including communal types, terror types, entertainment types and even celebration types. The city had withstood them all. This COVID-19 is not going to stand a chance in Mumbai. The tiny fellow will not be able to cross a single junction even at nonpeak hours, leave alone the peak hours”, he further added.

COVID-19 has travelled smoothly across oceans and boundaries. The virus has withstood the test of distance and different climatic conditions. “Will be interesting to see how COVID-19 would behave in our city roads. If my assumption is going to be proven right, COVID-19 would commit suicide dipping deeply in the potholes after losing patience at our signals” the BMC personnel was triumphantly sporting a smile and not a mask over his grinning expression.

Meanwhile, the city of Bengaluru has tightened the traffic congestion at the famous silk board junction, it is learnt by Faking News.