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Now Aadhar card mandatory to buy vegetables from the market

28, Dec 2016 By @jurnoleast

Buying vegetables from the market’ seems to be latest victim of Govt’s push to force Aadhar card down the collective throat of the masses after a recent announcement made it clear that a trip to the market could turn futile if you are not carrying Aadhar card.


Speaking to Faking News a source close to the development said, “The Govt committed in bringing transparency in all transactions. Even if they are as small as buying vegetables from the market. We want to eradicate all traces of corruption.”

A circular has been sent to all wholesale as well as retail market asking vendors to check Adhaar card of buyers before selling any vegetables.

The news has got mixed reactions from the public. Some said that the move was a step in the right direction, while others were unhappy with the increasing insistence on Adhar Card. Shalini Arora from Mayur Vihar found herself in a quandry. “My maid shops for vegetables most of the time. Now she does not have an Aadhaar card. Who will go shopping now? If I go, who will attend kitty parties,” she questioned, as she thought of sending her husband to the market to tide over the situation.

Statistics revealed that the latest move has got sales at local markets going south while the sales have skyrocketed for many online retailers and has left many questioning Govt’s intention.

Opposition parties were scathing in their criticism. Rahul Gandhi vehemently opposed this move and said that poor farmers like Vadra would be the worst hit. While addressing a group of media persons he said, “Pata nahi sarkaar chahti kya hai. Delhi ke logon ko kitni kathinayi ka saamna karna pad raha hai. Mujhe lagta hai digital India ke chakkar me sab kuch online karenge ye log. Khana, peena, nahana aur dhona, sab kuch online hi hoga.”