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Airline passengers can now place handkerchief on flight seat at time of boarding to reserve it: DGCA

24, Feb 2017 By @jurnoleast

Continuing in its effort to make air travel hassle in country, DGCA today announced that passengers can place their handkerchiefs and dupatta’s on flight seats to block them.

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Speaking to Faking News, a senior official from DGCA said, “Seat preference on flight is a major concern for domestic travelers. We had many instances where passengers fight with cabin crew for aisle or window seat. So we are giving passenger the option to block their seats by placing a handkerchief, similar to the practice in many state run buses across the country.”

Airlines have welcomed this move and said that it will also put an end to all the criticism surrounding the charge charge levied for booking seats online. “Passengers complain that low-cost airlines levy charges a plethora of charges that put a question mark on them being low-cost in the first place. But with this new announcement, things will change for the better,” said Jay Walia, CEO of Flyking Airlines.

Just last week, 6 airports in the country put a stop to the practice of having security tags stamped. The measure was introduced to reduce security hassles and as per sources within the industry many such measures are in the pipeline.

At present there is no clear information as to how this new move will be implemented. DGCA officials too declined to speak much on it.

Our sources say that to reserves seats passengers will have to run towards aircraft the moment it lands and throw their handkerchief from the open window.

Many passenger were already seen practicing their ‘hanky throwing skills’ just in case the idea was implemented.