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Now "DDA flat cracking" coaching centers open up in Kota

29, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

Kota. After witnessing huge number of applications being filed for DDA’s housing scheme 2014 across India, many institutes have sprung up in Kota, Rajasthan claiming to offer “crash courses” and “refresher courses” on how to crack the scheme.

“We feel competition here is thousand times more tougher than any IIT, IAS, or Medical exams in the country. Being able to get a flat among those 25000 odd flats on offer, is as good as topping the IIT-JEE exam, to put it in right perspective,” said a 24 years old man, who has decided to put his IIT aspirations on hold to set up a institute.

Getting one of these flats is tougher than securing seat in undergraduate courses of any of the IIT.

With just few days remaining to apply for the scheme, many renowned coaching institutes too have decided to offer a crash course and discontinued all other courses for a while.

“Helping students crack an IIT exam is not challenging anymore and doesn’t give me any kick,” argued a 35 year old Salman Khan fan and teacher at Bansal coaching institute, “I am sure I will be able to derive that kick by coaching people get a flat in DDA scheme.”

But the Rajasthan state govt is confused whether to allow coaching institutes to go ahead with this course or not.

“Kota is a very small city and cannot handle such large population. God forbid if even 30% of those who have applied turn up for the course it will be huge population explosion, which the city’s infrastructure is not prepared to handle,” explained the MLA of Kota.

However many students preparing for IIT and other exams in Kota have welcomed the move.

“I think it is payback time for me. All these years my parents taunted me and said I was good for nothing. Now let me see if they have it in them to crack a seat in this DDA,” said an 18 year old student as his parents enrolled themselves in one of those centers.

Meanwhile quite a few who had bought the application forms are now contemplating selling them to a scrap dealer, instead of applying.

“With so many people in the race, I think I have a better chance getting some real returns by selling it to a raddiwala,” argued a man.