Now Digvijay targets Akshay Kumar, says 'show proof that Harpic kills 99% germs'

06, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh who earlier questioned the casualty numbers in air strikes in Pakistan has now trained his guns at at Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar.

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The Congress leader accused the actor of ‘sharing fake casualty number’ of germs through his ads. Mr. Singh also demanded that Akshay show proof to bolster his claim that the aforementioned toilet cleaner gets rid of 99% germs.

While speaking to Faking News, a visibly belligerent Digvijay Singh said, “I will not buy Harpic toilet cleaner if Mr. Akshay Kumar cannot prove that it kills 99% germs. Yeh 99 wala figure kaha se aaya,” he questioned.

“If there is no proof then it clearly means that he is misleading the people of this country. Honestly I have trust issues with a toilet cleaner that fails to show me evidence of the germs killed. I need to see dead bodies of the bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms in the toilet before you convince me to buy a bottle of your cleaner,” he said in a near threatening tone.

Apparently, Digvijay has asked Akshay to prove his claim within 10 days or return the payment he received for endorsing the brand.

Though Bollywood characteristically refused to comment on the issue, there were some who spoke to our reporter off-record and said that Akshay was being unnecessarily targeted.

“Akshay has praised PM Modi on several occasion and also promoted Swachh Bharat campaign through his movies. So I am not surprised that he is being dragged into this,” remarked an actor.

Akshay too couldn’t help himself from responding on the issue in is usual way and said, “Bacche ki jaan lega kya. Ab kya mare hue bacteria ke saath selfie lekar dikhau.

Speaking on Digvijay’s 10 day challenge the actor said, “I accept the challenge. I request Digvijay Singh to come to Dharavi’s communal toilet and I will give him a demo of Harpic’s germ fighting capability and also show him all the dead bacteria with a microscope.”