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Now Engineer says he saw selectors serving tea to coach, Shastri refutes saying 'I don't drink tea and everyone knows what I drink'

01, Nov 2019 By @jurnoleast

After alleging that he saw selectors serving tea to Anushka Sharma, Farrokh Engineer has made another startling revelation. The former Indian cricketer today said that he’d seen selectors serving tea to coach Ravi Shastri on many occasions. While speaking to the media at an event Engineer said that given Shastri’s clout, selectors were desperate to get in his good books.

shastri farrokh engoneer

“I have seen not just selectors but a few players too serving tea-biscuits to Shastri. I don’t want to take names but this culture within the team is not a good sign,” he said while speaking at an event.

A livid Shastri said that he was not much offended by the allegations of encouraging servility, but was definitely hurt with statement that he drinks tea.

“From support staff to BCCI management to players, ask anyone. They will tell you what I drink. Not just that, I have shared many pics on social media on what my preferences are. Clearly it’s not tea or coffee. I don’t want to go rambling over the spirits that I usually have. But it would have been better if Mr. Engineer had done his homework. This Engineer needs a Doctor right now as he is losing his mind,” said Shastri while speaking to our reporter.

Social media too seemed to be supporting Shastri. Many called out Farrokh for spreading lies and tarnishing the image of team India coach.

It is a clearly a lie. Can’t even picture Shastri drinking tea. Mr. Engineer is imagining things. Maybe he wants some publicity or wants to be on BiggBoss who knows — tweeted a cricket fan

Sources say that Shastri is not going take the allegations lightly and may initiate legal proceeding against Engineer, unless Farrokh Engineer issues a public apology.