Monday, 6th April, 2020


Now Rahul compares Jyotiradityarao Scindia to the snobbish millionaire villain from Titanic who abandons the sinking ship 

11, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

Just days after comparing the Health Minister to the captain of Titanic, Rahul Gandhi today compared Jyotiradityarao Scindia to the villain from the same movie who abandoned the sinking ship while other passengers were desperately looking to save their lives.

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While speaking to our reporter, Rahul said, “What Jyotiradityarao Scindia has done reminds me that character from Titanic. That villainous character who gets into the rescue boat meant for kids and women. He abandons the ship when he should have stayed on like other male passengers. I am not saying that Congress is a sinking ship. In fact Congress party is that iceberg that can sink any ship. Especially the one that these defecting MLAs are planning to board.”

The comparisons with Titanic did not end there. Rahul went further and compared Kamal Nath to Jack Dawson, the character played by Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie. “Kamalnathji is Jack. He will risk his life to keep the party afloat. And that is why everyone will remember him. No one remembers the villains,” he added.

The party also had a message for all the MLAs who left the party and were now looking to join the BJP.

In a veiled threat, Rahul said that nothing is permanent in politics and leaving the Congress party for the BJP will be their biggest mistake. “Who gets Rose in the end in Titanic. If you want Rose, then stay with Congress,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jyotiradityarao declined to respond to Rahul’s latest statement.