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Now restaurants to provide a tax consultant with food bill to help customers figure out taxes on the bill

16, Mar 2017 By @jurnoleast

Now your weekend family outing at the neighborhood restaurant will be devoid of the arguments with the manager over taxes in the bill thanks to the Govt’s efforts ensure that every restaurant has at least one tax consultant to help patrons figure out the taxes on their bill.

No get tax consultation free with your restaurant bill
No get tax consultation free with your restaurant bill

The move comes after persistent requests from citizen groups asking Finance Ministry to reduce burden on the common man. “We received many requests and complaints too that restaurants were including taxes in the food bill that they were not supposed to collect. So we thought of having government appointed tax consultants in every restaurant so that patrons can seek their assistance in case of any doubt. Their primary responsibility will be answer tax related queries and convince patrons to pay their taxes.

Many welcomed the move saying that it was much needed as restaurants tend to discreetly push in various charges on the bill. “Last week I went with a group of friends to a local restaurant to celebrate a birthday. When the final bill arrived I was shocked to see that the restaurant had charge me 5% as ‘selfie tax’. I agree we did take a lot of selfies, but why the tax?” questioned Neha Sharma, an IT employee.

18 year old Karan Tiwari too had a similar experience. “I just ate some french fries at the restaurant and the taxes on the bill outnumbered the items I ordered,” he said.

Restaurant owners too were happy that the hassle of having to explain the charges on the bill will now be over. “Customers want to know more about the taxes, their rate and why are they included in the bill. Abhi hum restaurant chalata hai, chartered accountant thodi hai,” argued Pradeep Shetty of Laxmi Punjab Restaurant and Bar in Mumbai.

Though restaurants and patrons seem happy at the moment, the implementation is not exempt from teething problems. “Apart the usual queries about the bill, many customers ask us to file their income tax returns and not to mention the questions on tax-planning,” said one such restaurant tax consultant with a hint of frustration.