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Now senior citizens who visit bank to kill time will have to pay Rs 150 if visits exceed 4 per month

02, Mar 2017 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: After charging transaction fee of Rs 150, private banks have now ganged up against senior citizens who visit banks to kill time and chat with bank staff. In a bid to discourage such behavior four major private banks are now planning charge Rs 150 if the visits exceed 4 per month.

Source say that there have been a lot of complaints from the staff working in the branch related to senior citizens using bank premises to socialize, leading to unnecessary burden on staff who have to end up listening to their ‘stories’.

Speaking to Faking News, the Chief of one such private bank said, “On an average there are at least 20 senior citizens visiting our branch and the average time spent chatting with our staff is around 2 hrs. There are times when the senior citizens queue is longer than the regular queue.”

“Last few months have been harrowing for our bank staff. Previously they could entertain such customers, but now that is simply not possible. So we will be charging Rs. 150 per customer from April 1 2017,” he added.

Our reporter spoke to the Head Cashier at a local bank welcomed the move and called it much needed. “I do understand that life can get very lonely once you cross 60 and they need someone to talk to. But we cant spend the entire day listening to their stories. I have other important things also such as replying to Whatsapp messages, changing Facebook profile pictures and not to forget that occasional game of solitaire,” she said.

“Pension comes once a month, but there are some who loiter in the premises everyday. They sit for hours complaining about random things, as if our lives weren’t less messed up. At least after this move, they’d come only when they have work,” she heaved a sigh of relief.

Prominent senior citizens have condemned the move and said that it was unfair on the part of banks to charge customers and are planning to protest outside RBI office to garner attention.

But with religion and caste not being a dominant theme here it seems highly unlikely that any political party or media house will lend their weight to this protest.