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Now Tihar jail introduces Facebook check-in for all its guests

31, Mar 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

New Delhi: In order to make itself more appealing and inmate friendly, Tihar jail announced plans to introduce Facebook check-in for all its guests.

Now let you friends know that you are in Tihar jail
Now let you friends know that you are in Tihar jail

This move would result in it attracting more people from various walks of life, who have so far avoided it after being told that it’s a bad place to spend one’s time.

This move has received acclaim from various prison rights groups who are appreciating the effort to enhance the prison experience.

We spoke to the Jail Superintendent for more clarity and he said, “Well I recently opened a Facebook account and saw people checking into airport, railway station, bus depot, rickshaw stand, cycle stand, hotel, chai sutte ki dukan and more. Plus almost everyone seemed to be enthusiastically checking out those check in’s and provided encouragement and wishes to the person checking in. So we decided to provide check in’s at Tihar Jail as well.”

“Now instead of comments like Tu Pariwar aur Samaj pe dhabba hai there would be comments like ‘have a great time there’ or ‘make new friends’ or ‘have the time of your life while serving life’ or ‘hope to join you soon’. This would infuse immense positivity among the prisoners who would put up a lesser fight to avoid getting into Tihar,” he added.

“Plus we would start a selfie with prisoners program where all inmates can take a selfie with eminent personalities like Subroto Roy or Suresh Kalmadi. There would also be dharna with Kejriwal or Yogendra Yadav the next time they decide to pop in,” said the superintendent as he took a selfie himself.

Now many prisoners have started updating their statuses from the prisons, like ‘Checked in Tihar Jail with 3 others’ or ‘Checked in for life’ or ‘Checked In, can’t wait to check out early’. Also many people sick of their IT jobs are finding ways to get into Tihar jail.