Now Vadra demands Nobel Prize for his patriotism, says 'didn't loot and flee the country like Vijay Mallya' 

07, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

Part-time businessman and full-time farmer Robert Vadra, who is being investigated by the Enforcement Directorate, today demanded that he be given a Nobel Prize for his patriotism.


Vadra said while other economic offenders like Mallya, Choksi and Modi looted and country and fled, he preferred to stay back. “There is only one reason why I decided not to loot and scoot like the others. And that is because I love my country.

While addressing a group of media-persons who had assemble outside the ED Office, he said, “Even if I loot every inch of this country, I will not flee it. They say I have properties in England, so it would have been so easy for me to vamoose before being caught. But did I do it? No right.”

The businessman even broke out in an impromptu jig while singing – Yeh mera India, I love my India – in front of assembled media-persons. One ANI reporter who was part of the group could help but say ‘Are You Serious’.

Insiders say that Robert spoke to highly placed officials from the Nobel Committee and demanded a prize for his patriotism. “It seems they refused to oblige. Apparently, Robert even uttered the quintessential Delhiite phrase ‘tu jaanta hai mai kaun hu‘, but even that did not have any effect,” revealed the insider.

This in not the first time that Vadra has played the patriotism card. Senior ED officials reveal that the businessman had sought leniency as he did not flee the country.

For now the investigation agency is not keen on going easy on Mr. Vadra. The Nobel Committee too has not responded to his request making it obvious that flaunting his family connection isn’t working for the moment.