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Now Virat fan cancels Zomato delivery after finding out that delivery boy is a Rohit Sharma fan

02, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

With the religious identity of delivery boy now snowballing into a major controversy, it seems Zomato will have to deal with another headache.

rohit virat

Recently there were reports of rift between the two players after India’s exit from Cricket World Cup. Apparently, Rohit Sharma unfollowed Virat on Instagram which led credence to the rift. Though Virat was quick to dismiss the rift as media speculated rumor, fans of the Indian skipper took to social media to express their displeasure.

Sources say that a section of Virat Kohli fans even trolled Rohit Sharma fans, clearly signalling that all is not well at least in fandom.

“I am a die-hard Virat Kohli fan and given how Rohit Sharma unfollowed and insulted Virat, I just cannot accept food from anyone who is a Rohit fan. I want a refund from Zomato,” said the man.

Social media once again was divided over the issue with battle lines clearly drawn between fans of the two players.

The food delivery app tried to fight the situation by putting across another politically correct tweet, however that did not help.

Rattled by the large scale uninstalls of it’s app, Zomato put out another statement saying which stated that though the delivery boy was a Rohit fan, the cook and the farmer who grew the vegetables used in the order are Virat fans.

With recurrent instances of food cancellations, Zomato is now planning to deliver food via drones.