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NRI aunt not allowed in house after she arrives from abroad without chocolates

30, Nov 2017 By itsmihir1993

A Canada-based NRI, Mrs. Kaul, after returning to India, faced a horrible welcome from her family in Punjab after she showed up without chocolates. Shook by her sheer insensitivity, the family did not allow her inside the house.


Helpless, Mrs. Kaul had to ask her husband, residing in Canada, to courier her a box full of chocolates so she could be warmly welcomed.

Mrs. Kaul had to put up in a hotel room for three days until the chocolate box arrived. Only after she handed over the Canada-imported chocolate box to her family, she was allowed to enter the house. “I never imagined my family would do this to me just for a box of chocolate. I will never forget to bring a box of chocolate along on all my future trips to India,” she said.

“Bringing chocolates from abroad is an unwritten law. Turning up without chocolates only shows how inconsiderate she is towards us and our feelings. It is not just about our family but every Indian who expects something from a person who is arriving from abroad,” said her cousin sister.

She further added that Mrs. Kaul would always convince them “by gifting Indian chocolates” during her stay in India, before they finally decided to take no more of the exploitation.

The cousin also wrote to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj requesting her to not allow NRIs and foreigners to step on Indian soil if they do not bring chocolates from abroad. “I did receive an application requesting me to stop people entering India if they are not carrying chocolates with them. To ease the immigration process, we are setting up a Chocolate Ministry to open chocolate rooms at every Indian airport which will sell imported chocolates. The chocolates will be taxed at the prevailing rate of the GST, depending on the mood of the prime minister and the finance minister,” said Swaraj.