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NRI goes record one hour before complaining about state of infrastructure in India

10, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: In a very surprising incident today, Dubai based Arvind Kumar lasted an entire hour on his visit to India before complaining about the state of infrastructure in India. Generally, infrastructure is the first thing NRIs complain about on their visit to India but Arvind didn’t bring it up even once on the way to his home.

He didn’t even criticise Air India

Arvind, a Project Manager in Dubai is visiting his family in Mumbai and he will be here for a month. Speaking to Faking News, Arvind’s brother Nishant said ,”It was very surprising because generally he leaves the airport and starts telling us how crappy the infrastructure here is and how great Dubai’s infrastructure is. However, nothing this time. He didn’t mention the slums near the airport, didn’t bring up the smell that assaults one’s nostrils upon landing at Mumbai airport and didn’t even tell us how wide Sheikh Zayed road is while traveling on Western Express Highway. It was most unusual.”

“For a while we thought maybe he is sick or something but he said his health is fine. Then we thought maybe Mumbai’s infrastructure has improved but then we laughed at the thought. We really have no idea what is wrong with Arvind this time”, Nishant added.

Arvind’s father also noticed this weird behaviour of his son. He said ,”What sort of NRI has my son become. The moment he lands, he should immediately start talking about how things are so much better outside India else what is the point, aise to Mumbai me hazar log roz aate hain, NRIs should have different reaction to them na. He used to show proper NRI attitude earlier but this time, nothing. This is most disappointing. What next, he becomes Swades wala SRK and goes to our village to light up  bulb?”

When we called Arvind to get his reaction to his changed behaviour, he told us that he can’t speak to us as mobile signal quality is poor and he also told us that Etisalat in Dubai has so much better signal quality.