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Odisha Police arrests man from Gurugram for calling Rasgulla a white Gulab Jamun

25, Oct 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Gurugram: Continuing its crusade to protect the honour of the humble Rasgulla/Rosogulla/Rashogulla, Odisha Police arrested a man from Sector 14 here for defaming the Rasgulla.

The man, Ashwini Kumar, asked for white Gulab Jamun when he wanted a Rasgulla and he was later apprehended from his house for this crime. He will be taken to Bhubaneshwar later today so that he can apologise to Odisha assembly before they throw him in jail.

Distraught brother of Ashwini while speaking to Faking News said, “My brother made the mistake of asking for white Gulab Jamun and little did he know that the halwai is of Odiya origin. That man instantly sent a complaint to Odisha Police and next thing we know, Police is knocking at our door at 3 AM. Initially we refused to accept that they are genuine policemen when they said they are from Odisha, what is Odisha? But they had genuine ID cards and everything so we had to let them in.”

“They came carrying 2 boxes of sweets and asked my brother to identify them. My innocent brother once again repeated that they are boxes of black Gulab Jamun and white Gulab Jamun. The moment he said that, the Police put handcuffs on him and dragged him away to their waiting helicopter,” he added.

When contacted, a spokesperson for the Odisha Police did confirm the arrest. He said, “We are committed to protecting the sentiments of Odiya people all over the world and incorrect names given to our beloved Rasagulla hurt our sentiments the most. What in the hell is a white Gulab Jamun, is our Rasagulla an albino? He has to first apologise in front of public representatives of our state and then he will be sent to the prison where we will make black gulab jamuns on his head and back.”

Meanwhile, Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik is planning to start a special secret agency that will track people who disrespect Rasgulla across the world.