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Office dud turns cool dude on facebook by the evenings

03, Jul 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Hyderabad. In a rather puzzling phenomenon, Ranjith Reddy, the 23-year-old complete jerk in the office, has been transforming into a cool dude on facebook as soon as the office hours come to an end for over a month now. A downright dud in the office, whom nobody wants in their teams, Ranjith attracts dozens of favorable comments for his actions on the social networking site, leaving his boss and colleagues mighty perplexed.

“He is a complete idiot when it comes to performance in the office, but I see him as no less than a hero on facebook! Unfuckingbelievable!” said Vinay, his colleague at Mindmatters Software Solutions, who hates the facebook profile picture of Ranjith, where he is holding a beer mug, making victory sign, and apparently yelling “yo!” at the photographer.

Cool Doggies
One of the pictures that Ranjith uploaded on his facebook wall and captioned “do they look like your bosses?” allegedly after which his boss removed him from his contact

“Asshole!” Vinay added.

Ranjith has been one of the worst performers in the company, who was warned many times by the bosses to improve his performance or be ready for the pink slip, but no discernible improvement was noticed in him. He failed to sell the most popular product of the company to four new clients he was asked to follow, even as he successfully created four ‘pages’ with over 100 fans each on facebook during the same duration, sources inform.

“He asked me to ‘like’ a page titled ‘my white shirt can bring world peace’ on facebook. WTF! Later on Vinay told me that the page was created by the jerk himself.” Sudhakaran Nair, the senior manager at Mindmatters said, further informing that he had removed Ranjith from his facebook friends’ list last night after he got mighty pissed off with his ever growing online activities.

With over 1300 friends on facebook and membership of hundreds of communities and pages, Ranjith is well known and popular among his online friends, a fact that has confounded his office colleagues beyond belief.

“All that he does is to copy paste popular quotes from the internet and post it as his status updates, even without crediting the original source. What’s so cool about that? And how on earth he has managed that!” wondered another colleague of Ranjith.

Ranjith, on his part, has defended his online coolness and has accused his bosses and office mates of being jealous of his efficiency and esteem.

“They are frustrated because they can’t control my online life. Freedom of internet FTW!” Ranjith wrote on his ‘wall’, without naming anyone, which had 9 ‘likes’ till reports last came in.