Office floor collapse as all HR people came to office on the same day

07, Jul 2019 By dasu

Bengaluru: Employees of an IT company had a major scare today when one of the floors of the building they occupy collapsed. Fortunately, it was a mezzanine floor, barring few minor injuries most of the employees escaped the mishap unhurt.


Initial investigation shows all members of HR team came to office suddenly one day, the floor could not bear this sudden increase in load factor and gave in.

When builder S. Suresh was questioned for his negligence, he said, “IT company said me to add this mezzanine floor as there was shortage of space inside the building. I was against it, then they convinced me saying these ten cubicles will be occupied by HR, hardly two or three from that team come to office regularly”.

“Today’s attendance record shows all ten HR people were present inside office. Even the attendance record I collected from cafeteria shows, the team have spent more time in their cubicles than in the cafeteria. I cannot be held responsible for this, it is poor planning from company admin team and to certain extent HR team is responsible for deviating from their standard behavior”, added Suresh.

CEO of the company was upset with the HR manager for her poor co-ordination. “You had assured me this will never happen.  Your team will always come to office in staggered manner. Now there is no appraisal cycle, no danger of someone sneaking into salary slips your team will print. Then, why your team didn’t work from cafeteria?”. CEO Pratap Sharma asked HR manager

“If you all came to cut a cake for one of your colleagues, could have cut it in lawn or cafeteria. If privacy was needed could have used my chamber. I am sorry, but your six-week Diwali-New Year vacation I am reducing it to one week as penalty”, CEO added.