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OFFICIAL: "Bahut garmi hai na" displaces "aur bata" as the top conversation silence filler

29, May 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

Mumbai: In one of the biggest upsets of all time, ‘Aur bata’ has been replaced as the top conversation filler by ‘Bahut garmi hai na’. This ends a 15 years run for ‘Aur bata’ at the top. This has been achieved after Mumbai continued to sweat under temperatures and humidity.

Garmi bahut hai na
Garmi bahut hai na

As per researchers, more and more people are switching to commenting on the heat instead of using the tried and trusted aur bata to fill awkward pauses in a conversation. “Aur bata served us well during conversations but now its time to move on and embrace ‘bahut garmi hai na’. With global warming and climate change, we r expecting more and more people to ask about the high temperature”, a leading researcher said.

“It was always safe to ask my girlfriend aur bata every time I ran out of things to say but now thanks to the heat, I do actually have something to say. Whenever I feel she has run out of things to say, I mention how hot it is and then we start planning our honeymoon at some hill station”, a boy from Mumbai Rajat told Faking News.

As per studies, the heat is also helping to unite supporters of various political parties as well. Only thing they seem to agree upon is that garmi bahut hai. Some people have started an online petition urging the government to contribute to global warming and protect the one thing that really unites Indians, ‘garmi bahut hai na’.

A Faking News poll found that 88% of single boys preferred ‘bahut garmi hai na’ to even start a conversation with girls. 45% boys said that’s the only line they ever said to a girl. All these boys were also in constant fear of temperatures becoming normal again and that they will have nothing to talk to girls about.