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Old notes will be accepted in banks only if depositor wears Blue jeans and white shirt: RBI

20, Dec 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Introducing new rules related to demonetisation has become a habit for RBI and now they have introduced a new rule today. People who still haven’t deposited old notes must wear blue jeans and white shirt when they come to deposit money in the bank. Anyone not wearing the same will be turned away by the bank.

New rules are made here

“This rule has been introduced only for the convenience of people. Just by looking at the clothes people are wearing, bank employees will know that these guys have come to deposit old notes and they will be guided appropriately. Security guard outside can directly show them the window they have to go to. These people are already stressed with their old notes so we want to help them as much as possible”, an RBI official said.

As per sources, RBI is also considering dress codes for people who are coming for withdrawals as well. One will be required tow ear Red if they want to withdraw money, Black if you are coming to apply for a loan and Sherwaani if you are going to withdraw 2.5 lakhs for wedding.

Meanwhile, Finance ministry has assured the public that this is not the last new rule to be introduced before the last date for submitting old notes on 30th December.