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One day seaplanes will land in Mumbai potholes: BMC

13, Dec 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

What earlier used to be one of Hollywood’s favorite scenes, seaplanes have now found their way in India with Gujarat elections being its first voyage. Prime Minister Narendra Modi pulled the curtain down on his election campaign with a journey aboard a seaplane from Sabarmati river to Dharoi dam in Mehsana district. And according to the Prime Minister, this was not a mere election stunt, but a symbol of development, which in the near future will be taken to other parts of the country. Nitin Gadkari has promised substantial infrastructure to make Seaplanes an economic mode of transport in India.


BMC is also not left behind. BMC officials have shown full trust in the PM’s vision and they are sure that the Seaplanes will soon land on Mumbai roads. Given the numerous potholes present on the roads, it won’t be a problem for the Seaplanes to land properly. Some of the potholes are so large that they do look like man made water bodies. Never had BMC thought that their hard work in maintaining the potholes will pay rich dividends in the coming days. BMC officials are working day and night to realize this dream of Seaplanes operating inside the city. They have started filling potholes with water and also taken up the work to deepen the potholes which are shallow.

India aims to become a water inter linked nation in the coming future and Seaplanes can become a major relief for a  land starved city like Mumbai. BMC also plas to introduce many Sea planes on the busy routes to replace the current bus network which is already a pain due to traffic congestion. Union minister Nitin Gadkari said this mode will revolutionize the transport sector of the country. So all Mumbaikars!!. Lets hope for an exciting journey on Seaplanes.