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After one hr on Bangalore road, man realizes he forgot wallet, calls his wife who just walks in & hand it over to him

31, Jul 2017 By dasu

Bengaluru: Satya Narayan Mahapatra, a Bengaluru based techie realized after one hour on the road that he has forgotten his wallet at home. Called his wife, who just walked in and handed over to him at the traffic signal which was just about a kilometer from their residence.


“We all know about Monday morning blues. My company demands you need to be neatly dressed as a professional otherwise need to pay fine which would be embarrassment for a person like me who is in a senior leadership position in the organization”, said Satya while speaking to us.

“On top of it my Khaddos manager would have kept the meeting at sharp 2 PM. To attend it, I must leave home by 10 AM. In that hurry, I usually forget something every other day. Sometimes mobile, office drawer keys, lunch box. Today another disaster, forgot my wallet”, said Satya.

“Without wallet, tough to survive full day. Six to seven times I need to go out from office for Chai-Sutta break, cannot ask my juniors to pay for me. Kya sochenge mere bare mein. That’s why called my wife Sarita, who was buying vegetable at that time from a neighborhood store”, added Satya.

Sarita on the other hand was not at all worried. She knew the route of Satya takes to go to office from their residence. “In such traffic, he cannot go far. So, after buying vegetable, coked lunch, brought Chintu (couple’s only son) from play school. I knew by doing all these work, I might have to walk 50 meters extra, I was ok for that”, said Sarita who can predict better than Google map how far one will be in Bengaluru road if you tell her the time you have spent on road.

Now Satya has understood the value of walking on Bengaluru roads. Other day after getting bored, he left his vehicle at the traffic junction, walked back, had lunch with Sarita and Chintu and then went back to join the traffic. He observed, nothing has moved. People at the signal are still anxiously waiting for it to turn green.