OnePlus to launch another variant of One Plus 7 around Diwali, the device is named OnePlus 7T Pro Max Mega McLaren

11, Oct 2019 By @jurnoleast

Seems like OnePlus does not want to miss out on the festival buying frenzy in any way. The smartphone company today announced that it will be launching a new variant of OnePlus 7 around Diwali.

one plus 7

The smartphone is named OnePlus 7T Pro Max Mega McLaren and will sport all features of OnePlus phones launched till date. The launch of the variant is seen as a move to stave off any competition from iPhone and garner more market share.

Though there were concerns over the length of the name and how it would be perceived by customers, a OnePlus spokespersons said that loyal customers would buy the smartphone even if the name was a paragraph long.

The company said that since it was too early to launch a OnePlus 8, they decided on on adding a few features and making an all-in-one model.

The announcement elicited mixed reactions on social media. Some were keen on laying their hands on the latest editions, others couldn’t stop themselves from mocking the name.

Competing brands also took a dig a the name and questioned if the name is inspired by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan.

Meanwhile, the announcement saw Apple shares fall on stock market. Sources say that CEO Tim Cook wore a troubled look and could announce a new iPhone next week to deal with the changing competitive landscape.