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Online Economist confused between GDP and GST, refuses to pay 18% GST, argues for only 5.7%

30, Sep 2017 By RT

Mumbai. An Online Economist, having read tons of online news and articles about GST and GDP, got thoroughly confused between the two, when he protested to pay 18% GST at a local restaurant. He argued with the restaurant management that the heavily advertised rate is very low and is only 5.7%.

The vast content available online about Goods and Services Tax and Gross Domestic Product has made Mr. Ravi to what is now popularly known as an online Economist. He had posted a comment in almost all the discussions on GST and GDP quite often mixing between the two.

On this particular occasion, he also complained about the food not Good and the Service also was very bad. No Good food and No Service, ‘why should I even pay 5.7% GDP?’ he argued with the restaurant management, it is learnt by Faking News.

When the manager tried to explain between the two abbreviations, Mr. Ravi apparently started shouting. “I know what GST is. It is you who do not know what GST is. No Good food; Bad Service and bad Taste as well. I came in for GST – Good Service and Tasty food. Have the government not introduced this regulation only to the restaurants? How difficult is it to understand,” he reportedly yelled at the manager of the 4 star restaurant.

“I know all about GDP too. It is this new tax right? as low as 5.7%. Only the formula, CGI + NX, I don’t understand. I know that Computer Graphical Interface and North Korean currency NX are involved. Beyond that I don’t know much about this tax. You know what? I always spend very less. My family and friends call me as most economical of the lot. Also, I have read every online news article published on this matter. I am a better economist than the Rajans, Swamies, Sinhas, Patels and Jaitleys put together,” Mr. Ravi told Faking News when the online News giant has tracked him down for a comment offline.

Unable to argue with the online economist, the restaurant manager finally took the entire tax portion off, in the form of a discount, it is learnt by Faking News.