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Onsite aspirant reveals his real ambition is to update Facebook location, not international exposure

07, May 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Hyderabad: In a ‘truth or dare’ game played by an IT employee and his boss, the employee has reportedly revealed that he is aspiring for onsite opportunities just to change his Facebook location, not for international exposure.

IT employees updating Facebook location after reaching onsite, but before calling parents
IT employees updating Facebook location after reaching onsite, but before calling parents

Faking News reached HITEC City to meet Rajesh Bikshapathi, the daring employee and here’s what he had to say.

“When I asked my boss for onsite opportunity, he took me to a conference room and asked me to play ‘truth or dare’ game with him. He said, if I successfully dare three times, he would approve my visa request; if I failed three times in order, he would reject my request. I took it up as a challenge and asked him to start the game,” said Rajesh.

“First thing he asked me was to tell what I thought about him and his talent. As visa was my priority, I bullshitted and got through the first round. Then, he asked me to develop a defect free module in Hadoop, giving me just 2 days, for a technology which everyone thinks the whole world is using but no one knows ‘exactly’ beyond google search articles,” he added.

“I’m a regular guy who hasn’t even blogged one technical solution in his life. So, this was going to be difficult for me. As I knew I would lose this round, I asked him to extract another truth from me. He then asked me to describe in a few sentences the reason behind my onsite aspiration. I honored his request and gave him a candid response,” said Rajesh with a straight face.

“Why does everyone want to go onsite these days? The truth is quite simple. Every onsite aspirant is a location update aspirant too. The joy of getting likes on Facebook after updating your location to a foreign country is unmatchable. If there was any other purpose of going onsite, I think it would be secondary,” said Rajesh as he continued to explain what happened next.

“Impressed with the frankness in my answer, my boss immediately approved the visa request. I hope that the consulate too approves my visa and I update my location after that. Waiting for the moment,” Rajesh ended with a dreamy smile on his face.

As per our sources, Facebook location updates have been receiving a lot of social acceptance, with a minimum of 200 likes, even if the aspirant has only 100 friends on Facebook.