All outstanding chai-sutta dues with the neighborhood tea seller will be waived off: Kejriwal promises engineers and IT employees

28, Aug 2019 By @jurnoleast

Adding to Delhi CM’s ‘sop opera’ is his latest announcement of waiving off outstanding chai-sutta dues of IT employees and engineers in Delhi.


The waiver offer came just days after announced waiver of water bills for certain category of housing complex. The new sop is aimed to address the issues of IT workers and engineers, who the party believes have been neglected for long and forms a sizeable chunk of the electorate.

For the last few months, AAP volunteers have collected data from every paanwalla in the city and have pegged the outstanding due amount at 1.2 crore. Though the amount is staggering, the party believes waiving it will not just ease the credit stress on paanwallas but also help engineering students manage their finances.

“These working professionals and students hardly have any money to buy Parle-G biscuits. How will they afford chai-sutta. Every engineer and IT employee should focus on their future and not worry about petty expenses. We will take care of that,” he said while speaking to our reporter.

When questioned about how he intends to fund the waiver, the Delhi CM added, “Agar paise nahi honge toh hum chanda ikkatah karenge. Lekin aap ko diya vaada poora karenge.

Not every one was happy though. Especially those who cleared their dues on time and a section of students who don’t survive on chai-sutta. “Will our CM help me with my maggi dues,” a student questioned.

A few experts believe this move could be a game-changer for AAP. Even their political rival BJP has got thinking and is anticipating a tough contest in the coming state elections.

A side-effect of this announcement saw 50% rise in students who applied to engineering colleges for admission. Employee sentiments across IT companies, which were not so good due to current slowdown, got much needed consolation.