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Owing to Diwali's competitive business race, shop-owner offers offers on offers; 1 offer free on 3 offers

19, Oct 2017 By Akash Vadera

Diwali is just around the corner, owing to which, offering discounts and conducting sales is a practice carried out by many business and shop-owners. However, Ratan Sheth, a shop-owner in Ghatkopar, wanted to stand apart from his competitors this Diwali. In a locality where all the shop-owners are offering discounts on various products, Ratan Sheth is offering offers on offers. Yes, you read it right!

Our reporter interviewed Mr. Ratan and here’s what he had to say about this unique strategy (interview translated from Hindi) “I own a mobile shop where I sell various phones and accessories. Every year, just like all the other shop-owners, I use to offer discounts and sales on products. Since all the shop-owners in this locality were doing that, it was very hard for customers to remember a particular shop for a visit or even to distinguish between shops. The otherwise regular customers, who used to chat with us and have tea during off-season, now began identifying us by the discounts we offered. I was the 30% discount guy, my neighbor was the 25% discount guy and opposite to him was the -10% guy.”

Our reporter asked what does a minus 10% discount mean, to which he replied, “He’s not a shop-owner. It is a police chowki. They don’t give money, they only take money. Anyway, so I had decided last year that I will do something different this year. I wanted this number tag taken off from me. So this year my son come up with this idea after watching this movie where they show dreams within dreams.. it was called.. wait a second.. let me remember.. yes Reception” Our interviewer corrected him, to which he seemed least bothered “So this time I am offering offers on offers. You buy 3 offers from me and you’ll get 1 offer free, which you can further apply to products. It is a very unique strategy and it is bringing me many customers. I am no more the 30% guy. I am the.. what name did you say? Ah yes.. I am the Conception guy.” Our reporter again tried to correct him but he seemed even less bothered this time.

This is truly a bizarre and unique marketing strategy carried out by Ratan Sheth. So if you’re in Ghatkopar, you can stop by shop opposite Dena Bank.