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Oxford dictionary introduces a new word called organitarian, for people who eat only organic food

03, Dec 2017 By RT

London. As advertised, the Oxford English Dictionary has been the last word on words for over a century. Recently, the OED, as it is fondly referred to, has included a new word called Organitarian. The word which existed only in a few Urban dictionaries will now be official, it is learnt by Faking News.


Over the centuries, various types of diets have grown in large numbers and currently outnumber the list of official political parties in India. Nonvegetarian, vegetarian, semi-vegetarian, eggetarian, fishetarian, fruitarian, vegan and even vadapavarian and junketarian, though some of them didn’t make it to the Oxford dictionary yet. Also, the organic mania never got into any official dictionary, with a word for itself on the ardent followers both online and offline.

“‘Is it organic?’ Is the first question I ask when someone offers me any food. I cannot tolerate anything which is not organic. I eat only in organic restaurants. The bill printed is in an organic paper. My tips is organically proportionate to the bill amount. Everything about the food and the aftermath is organic. Only the GST is not organic” an ardent organic activist told Faking News.

When our reporter asked him who is an organitarian, the man got totally infuriated and refused to answer first. Then he retorted with, “Will you ask a politician about what is public life or public service? Will you ask Karni Sena about who is Padmavati or which century she belonged to? Will you ask Vijay Mallya what does repay mean? Will you ask a BJP spokesperson to sing Vande Mataram full lyrics? Will you ask a Congressman what is dynasty? Why you asking me this question?”

Not getting the answer from the organic super freak, Faking news looked up in the Oxford English dictionary which read – A person who eats only organic food. Faking News further looked up to find out what is organic food and found the answer in the Internet – organic food is the food made of produce from organic farming. Owing to the increasing secrecy and demand for anything and everything organic, companies now recruit organitarian consultants, it is now learnt by Faking News.