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Oyo Rooms starts listing 'Dalit homes' for politicians who want to visit Dalits as elections approach

11, Oct 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai: OYO rooms which are the biggest online hotel and accommodation marketplace in India, yesterday came up with a great idea to solve the problems Politicians are facing. With elections scheduled in some big states and also the Lok Sabha elections of 2019 approaching fast, Oyo Rooms is providing homes where Dalits stay, for politicians to select a suitable home and pay a visit.


Last year there was a tremendous increase in no of politicians visiting Dalits and other people of scheduled caste and tribe. Amit Shah, Rahul Gandhi, and leaders from smaller parties never miss a chance to visit such places to get the sympathy vote from the voters.

With some big states like Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan going to polls in the coming months, politicians have little time in finding out which places to visit so Oyo has made the listing for them to pick and choose from the given options. OYO is also running an offer where if you visit a home of a Dalit, your visit to the home of another Dalit is free. so it is a one plus one offer, which small politicians can use as the bigger one doesn’t have a shortage of money or resources.

Looking at OYO, other players like zostel have also started ideating about the type of listings they can provide to attract more politicians.