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Paanwala outside Govt office says he has AI to predict how much bribe which officer will accept

20, Jun 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: Google talks about its machine which using AI can predict when patient will die, IBM talks about AI system it has developed which can debate with anyone on earth other than Arnab Goswami. However common people of India are more excited with the AI of Satyajit Das, a paanwala sitting outside the Bengaluru Development Authority office in Bengaluru.

Paan wala

Satyajit Das who has more than 30 years of ‘big data’ experience can predict correctly how much bribe a government officer would accept on a particular day.

While speaking to us Satyajit said, “These Government officers behave differently on different days. Depending on their mood, their family mood, the way the person who asked for their help looks, his earning or his way of talking can decide the money they will charge”.

He added, “There is Ghosh Babu who clears the building approved plan here. He asked me to collect 25k from a poor vegetable vendor where as he did the same work for a medical college principal for 5k. When I asked him about it, he told me, his daughter is looking for a career in medicine. Subjiwala ka kaam karke mujhe kya milega”.

Satyajit said, “There was another officer who was close to his retirement date. I will suggest people who ask my opinion to take the opportunity, go for his ‘discount offer’ which he has put under mass clearance sale. There are officers, agar ghar mein biwi ka pressure hai naya washing machine ya TV lene ke liye, they will be ready for some discount provided the client offers him something on first date”.

Satyajit charge 1% from clients who ask for his opinion. When we asked he should share his knowledge along with other paanwalas which at the end help aam aadmis like us, he said “Like each person, each government office is different. I need to study first before I can comment elsewhere”.