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Paine invites Kohli for beer to sort differences, Shastri accepts the invitation

19, Dec 2018 By @jurnoleast

In an effort to cool off the heated exchanges between them in the second test, Aussie captain Tim Paine invited Virat Kohli for a beer before the start of the third test. Though Kohli politely declined the invite saying that his fitness regime doesn’t allow him to have alcohol, sources say that coach Ravi Shastri promptly accepted the invitation.

Shastri said that it would be rude to the hosts and he would represent the entire Indian team at the beer meet-up and drink on their behalf. “It’s been quite some time since I had it in my mouth, I mean the beer. It’s almost 4 hours 16 minutes and 34 seconds. But this is a good gesture from Tim Paine. If the boys can’t make it, Unke liye ye zeher mai pee loonga,” he said while speaking to our reporter.

Team India Coach is also planning to introduce the Australians to the Indian style of daru party. Sources say that Shastri is planning to carry his favorite channa daal chakhna for the party along with few packets of Haldirams.

“He will also show them how to make Goa plans after getting tipsy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he offers to drive them home with ‘gaadi bhai chalayega‘ line,” revealed the source.

Most players were indifferent to the beer invite and preferred spending time in the nets and focusing on the upcoming test match. Jadeja however seemed happy that he’d be briefly relieved from his duty of serving snacks to the coach.

Some insiders point out that the on-field drama between Ishant and Jadeja was about the aforementioned ‘duty’. “Both take turns serving snacks, but that day there was some misunderstanding and the verbal duel between them was exactly about who would serve the coach over the weekend. Neither of them wanted to. But now that issue has been resolved as the coach will be partying with the Australians,” said the insider.