Pakistan bans Amazon product delivery by drones

27, Feb 2019 By Guest Patrakar

After the recent Pulwama attacks, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised in his speeches that India will very shortly avenge the attacks. It seems Pakistan has taken his words very seriously, which is why, they have raise their security at all the fronts, right from increasing their troops on the border to stopping anything flying in the sky, including Amazon’s delivery drones flying above Pakistan’s Lutyens zone.

Pakistan bans amazon drones in airspace
No more delivery in Pakistan

To know more about this, we talked to Pakistan army advisor, Mr Hafiz Saeed Gilani, who said, “Imran Khan is not scared of anyone but we have to increase his security since Imran bhai was not able to sleep at night thinking of an air strike from India. To be sure that nothing disturbs his sleep at night we have stopped all air related activities at night including Amazon’s delivery drones.”

Interestingly, Amazon has completely declined that they use drones in Pakistan. Amazon CEO Richard Benhur said, “We are sorry to our Pakistani friends but we haven’t started any drone delivery facility in South Asia especially in Pakistan. I think they should re-check the drones since we don’t want to be included in all this drama.”

The question still remains, if the drones don’t belong to Amazon then who is operating these drones above Imran Khan’s house.