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Pakistan criticizes Mission Shakti, accuses India of extra-terrestrial terrorism

28, Mar 2019 By @jurnoleast

Just a day after India successfully conducted its anti-satellite missile test, Pakistan has accused India of spreading extra-terrestrial terrorism.


Yesterday India conducted a test that catapulted the nation in the select few league of nations capable of ant-satellite missile capability. However, the test seems to have caused a lot of heartburn to the neighboring country.

Even before the tests were conducted, the very mention of PM Modi about an ‘important announcement’ got Imran Khan on tenterhooks. Sources say that the Pak PM refused to even answer natures call till he heard the important announcement. “He was just glued to his seat. Hoping it’s not yet another surgical strike,” said a Pak PM confidant.

While addressing the local media Imran said, “India should step down from the belligerent stance it has taken since the last few months. I am also concerned about the use of missiles in space. What about those poor aliens. What kind of impression would they have about us. This is extra-terrestrial terrorism that India is promoting and Pakistan condemns it.”

Pakistan is now planning to raise this issue with United Nation and pressurize India to stop flexing its muscles not just on ground but also in space.

Back home West Bengal CM Mamta Bannerjee too came down heavily on PM Modi for using the mission as a poll plank. While addressing a rally she questioned the need for such a drama said that she was  not entirely convinced about the authenticity of the mission. “Ye sob jhooth hai. Just because the PM says that a satellite was shot doesn’t make it authentic. We have no obligation to believe him. The missile could have very well hit a Scorpio that entered space while shooting for a Rohit Shetty movie,” she screamed, while asking to PM address issues that concern the common man.