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Pakistan government upset with poor performance of local terrorists who are yet to be declared Global Terrorists

09, Feb 2018 By dasu

Islamabad: Though US upgraded three terrorists working for LeT and Taliban to exclusive global terrorist club, Pakistan is not happy with the performance of its local terrorists.

While speaking to us Rahman Mukhtar, one of the directors of ISI said, “During our review process we found 2017 to be our lowest point in last couple of decades. Forget about going to global terrorist club, there are many terrorists whom no one knows outside of their villages and town. When I looked at the tasks they have filled in appraisal system, hardly anything of note to speak about. Really disappointed with what’s going on”.

While explaining us the rating system Pakistan follows, Mr. Mukhtar said, “We have a rating system like ELO used in chess. We call it TLO. Anyone above 5000 or above are recommended to US, they automatically get the tag of Global Terrorist (GT). Above 3000 points, one can be among top performers of Asia. The perks and remuneration we provide as per the tag they have. Someone below 1000 points Pakistan government does not provide any support. They have to manage on their own”.

“Just to tell you, anyone in the Global Terrorist club gets the privilege of a cabinet minister. Even in this time where funding from US and other well-wishers have dried up, we still take good care of top performers. I am sad to note we do not have anyone who has potential to become Global Terrorist soon”, said Mr. Mukhtar.

Mr. Mukhtar has recommended to top people in ISI and Army to start National Terrorist Academy in every corner of Pakistan. Also, we have plans to conduct terrorist premier league (TPL). In TPL, terrorists with GT tag will get ‘icon’ status.

“As our local terrorists will get opportunity to work with GT tag people in TPL, we will soon see improvement in their performance”, said Mr. Mukhtar before signing off.