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Pakistan tourism publishes ad featuring Virat Kohli with his statement Go to Pakistan!

23, Nov 2018 By Guest Patrakar

Controversies don’t seem to end for star cricketer Virat Kohli. Kohli and controversies seem to have a stronger bond than Kohli and Anushka, believe Virat fans. best-fight-cricket-angry-moments-1

Recently, while promoting a newly launched app, Kohli was responding to questions from his fans. When one of his fans called him an overrated player, Kohli replied by asking him to leave India and live elsewhere. Popular opinion suggests people believe that Kohli has asked his fan to go to Pakistan.

Amidst all this, Pakistan, which is suffering from serious financial crisis, used this instance and featured Virat Kohli in a Pakistan Tourism’s advertisement with the caption “Go to Pakistan!”. Virat Kohli reacted sharply to this act and sent a copy of the quotation to Pakistan PM Imran Khan, which he normally sends to all the brands for promoting their content. Virat Kohli’s lawyer has also filed a legal suit in case Pakistan fails to pay.

Imran Khan has asked the US to fund Pakistan to pay Virat Kohli since all the advertisements now feature Virat Kohli and it’s practically not possible to take down all the ads. However, the US hasn’t replied to Pakistan’s request but Indians are already cheering and calling it a victory for India.