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Pakistani court finds ‘strong’ evidence against Sunny Deol for spying, declares death sentence

13, Apr 2017 By dasu

Islamabad: After concluding the trial of Indian Spy Kulbhushan Jadhav through Field General Court Martial in which Mr. Yadav was given death sentence, another Pakistani military court has found solid evidence against Sunny Deol for doing spying activities against Pakistan.

Sunny showing off his dhai kilo ka haath to Paks threat

While pronouncing the death sentence on Sunny, the military court said, “There is ample evidence in the ‘The Hero: Love Story of a Spy’ video available in YouTube. Anyone can check that video to see how Sunny Deol was repeatedly entering Pakistan territory for spying activities. We don’t need any further proof.”

The magistrate has asked its military forces to arrest the culprit and hang him as soon as possible.

Commenting on these two back to back death sentences on Indian ‘spies’ where trials have been completed in record-breaking time, Pakistan defense minister Khawaja Asif said, “Both are clearly open-and-shut cases. In Yadav’s case, it’s a confession where we spend good amount of time just to edit it so that we have the necessary relevant portion, in Sunny’s case we did not have to do anything, the video is as it is uploaded.”

Mr. Asif added, “Pakistan will never give any concessions to elements working against the security and stability of the country. The punishment will be same for all that is death sentence minimum irrespective of whether they operate from inside Pakistan or outside.”

Before we conclude the interview, when we asked Mr. Asif did you forget to say something, he said, “Oh, yes. Thanks for reminding. Please note Pakistan forces are always prepared to respond to any threat posed by India.”

After trying hard, at last, we found Sunny Deol in Manali, busy in film shooting for his son Karan’s debut film. When we asked for his comment, he said “No Comments” with a smile and walked towards his film crew members. However, his younger brother Bobby who was spotted there was uncontrollable and highly agitated after hearing the Pakistani court verdict.

While looking for a handpump to lift it, he said, “Lagta hai, yeh log bhul gayein Bhaiyya kya kiyethe inke saath. Phir se sabak sikhana padega.