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Pakistani media invents fake Muslim country facing Indian military attack

10, Dec 2010 By Pagal Patrakar

Islamabad, Pakistan. After publishing fake WikiLeaks cables accusing Indian Army of being full of geeky Hindu fundamentalists triggering terrorist activities in Pakistan, Pakistani media have now gone one step further and published details of an imaginary Muslim nation facing humanitarian crisis due to a brutal military attack by India. Selknamistan, the imaginary nation, is supposed to be in South America and has been under attack since last Friday.

“India massacring Muslims for over a week as world turns a blind eye,” read the front-page story in The News as it published some “chilling details” of how Indian army was carrying a systematic genocide of Muslims in Selknamistan. Similar news with “eye-opening details” was published in Daily Jang, the leading Urdu newspaper of Pakistan.

The reports suggest that India, driven by New Delhi backed genocidal army generals, had invaded Selknamistan for no apparent rhyme and reason except for it being the lone Islamic country in South America. The reports quoted “agencies” as the source.

Universal Child
A child terrorized by Indian Army in Selknamistan, as per Pakistani media reports

To drive home the point, Pakistani papers even published a modified world map that showed South America next to Sri Lanka and hence within reach of “substandard” Indian missiles and warships. A picture of child under the shadow of guns was also published, which had earlier been used to denote a Palestinian, Chechen, Bosnian and Kashmiri child traumatized by infidel forces.

Such minute details of Indian tyranny backed by “proofs” have filled a common Pakistani with rage and anger towards India.

“What is our government doing?” asked a furious Mansoor, who is the leading egg-seller of the city, “if the world is not doing anything, we should send our army to help our brothers in Selknamistan.”

“If this government won’t do anything, inshallah I’d send my sons to fight the infidels,” he added.

Even though some elements in the civil society of Pakistan expressed outrage over such “fake” reporting by a section of Pakistani media, the government has refused to step in as it would amount to curbing the freedom of press.

Meanwhile in India, while most people laughed away the Pakistani media reports, certain people “welcomed” the reports.

“We must crush the jehadis of Selknamistan,” VHP leader Praveen Togadia averred and “congratulated” the Indian government for taking such a bold step.

But the Indian group that has taken the reports most seriously is your own news website Faking News. We believe this is a conspiracy by Pakistani media to weaken genuinely fake news websites like Faking News and we appeal to you, like the founders of WikiLeaks and Wikipedia, to donate generously and keep us strong.