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Pakistani national caught with fake books of Jaswant Singh

23, Aug 2009 By Pagal Patrakar

Kem Chho Jinnahbhai?
Kem Chho Jinnahbhai?

Ahmedabad. Gujarat police have unearthed a major scam of flooding the state with counterfeit copies of Jaswant Singh’s book “Jinnah – India, Partition, Independence”, which has been banned in the state. A Pakistani national was caught with thousands of counterfeit copies of the book that were apparently printed in Pakistan. Police have confiscated the copies and suspect that attempts are being made to bootleg the book in Gujarat.

“We have arrested one person under the charges of smuggling, bootlegging, piracy, plagiarism, possession of unlawful items, treason and terrorism. His name is Bilawal and he hails from Multan in Pakistan and we are interrogating him for more information. The print quality of the confiscated books is of top quality and we suspect that they have been printed in the same press where fake Indian currencies are printed in Pakistan. We have sent samples for laboratory testing.” Ahmedabad police commissioner informed.

Police also suspects that the local liquor mafia might be involved in the whole conspiracy as they have developed expertise and core competency in bootlegging over the past years. A few of liquor sellers have been taken for interrogation by the police. Police also took bottles of liquor along with them to the police station. The liquor sellers were later released, not much could be known about the liquor bottles.

The news has already caused a lot of curiosity among Gujaratis with a few local writers planning to translate the book into Gujarati. The liquor suppliers were busy all the day answering queries on availability of Jaswant Singh’s book.

“Almost everyone wants to get a copy of the book. Poor Jaswant Singh, he won’t get any royalty out of the sales, but we have decided to donate a part of our profits to him as we respect him as an army man. Army men love liquor and are always good to us. I hope that Mr. Singh reads your website and contact us to get his share.” Pushpak, a liquor seller told Faking News.